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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Background Notes on the Grahai

Background of the Grahai. The Grahai were created by Zwellin in the Middle of the Second Age, after Zwellin created the Void Seeds in the Emerald Desert.  Zwellin had been a Sage of Silhonere until that time, though he had been secretly seeking hidden knowledge for more than a hundred years. After Zwellin left Silhonere, … Continue reading »

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The Ages of the Earth

The Testimony of Joseph the White, Called Also the Healer of the Wilds   You’ve asked about the beginnings of this world.  Before I tell you the truths that I have learned, there is something that you need to know. The true pantheon of gods live and walk the earth.  They are mighty to help … Continue reading »

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The Legend of Citycastle

As told by Snipaulus Longstride, the Sage of Montome   “You want to know more about the Earthwound?  Ahh, you’ve asked a good question, but it is the wrong question.  You should have asked about the Citycastle or about the pride of Dwarves. “That is the true beginning, back in the Morning of the Third … Continue reading »

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An exerpt from the Book of Power

From The Book of Power   Being a Collection of translated Words of Power from the Texts of the Sages of Silhonere, in the Second Age. “…and they went to the Emerald desert to investigate the Stone that Fell From the Sky.  Three Sages and 6 Accolytes took this voyage, but only the Sage returned.  His … Continue reading »

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The Well-digger’s Tale

“At the beginning of the Third Age, when the world was full of hope, men built many villages and began to inhabit many empty but fertile lands.  Then the skills of the Guild of Well Diggers were much sought after, for the new cities and villages had need of water for thier homes, for the … Continue reading »

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Gods of Mansut

The Testimony of Shadrack the Strong, cleric of Terasu   Some say that the world is contained in a golden bowl carried by a monstrous turtle.  Others say that this life is the dream of a god and that when he awakes our universe will perish.  Of course, all true believers know these religions to … Continue reading »

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