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Short Story

Pickaxe Point Part I (Encounter)

1. Encounter A light gust of early morning wind caressed his face. It should have been cool and refreshing but it was not. Riding along with the breeze was the indescribably foul odor of the army below. The smell made his stomach rebel while his senses of smell and taste were under an all-out assault. … Continue reading »

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Lanterns blazed in Fürth, a trading town on the edge of the Desert of Quills. Humans and humanoids alike came to trade their wares, no questions asked. The death rate was high in Fürth because the law of the sword prevailed. Along the narrow unpaved streets drunks lay, garbage was piled and the rats feasted … Continue reading »

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Dragonshead Gale

Shrock looked over his ale tankard at his drinking companions. “You ask me about this scar?” The young halfling turned over his hand so that his companions could clearly see the seven large puncture wounds on his palm and the corresponding set on the back of his hand. There was a hint of something old in … Continue reading »

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The Legend of Citycastle

As told by Snipaulus Longstride, the Sage of Montome   “You want to know more about the Earthwound?  Ahh, you’ve asked a good question, but it is the wrong question.  You should have asked about the Citycastle or about the pride of Dwarves. “That is the true beginning, back in the Morning of the Third … Continue reading »

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The Well-digger’s Tale

“At the beginning of the Third Age, when the world was full of hope, men built many villages and began to inhabit many empty but fertile lands.  Then the skills of the Guild of Well Diggers were much sought after, for the new cities and villages had need of water for thier homes, for the … Continue reading »

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